Friday, September 8, 2017

Semi Annual COMC Shipment

Have only bought two Archives Buyback Signatures since February.  This '91 Bowman beside a 2017 Bowman 70th Anniversary Buyback Red from the same year.  Which I guess proves the red stamped version is not a 1/1.

3 Rediscover Topps, a bronze and two silver's...I'm not actively trying to add these to the collection, but if they pop up on COMC and are cheap enough, I'll purchase them.

The other Archives Buyback auto...this one #'d to 8 was from ebay and won for under $9...seems there's a couple other ebay buyers lately that have pushed the price of some of these low #'d buybacks back up a bit.

A couple parallels and one card I've wanted to add to the collection for quite some time...the In The Cage insert from '98 Pacific had eluded me for either scarcity or too high of an asking price.

3 cards from the 65th Anniversary set available at Walmart...The base auto has been the more difficult one to track down...the two #'d autos were both under $6.

Was able to add 16 new '98 Topps Tek to the collection.  One morning a large number of them were listed on COMC and by either purchasing them outright or best offering for them, I got 15 of the ones I needed.  This now brings me to exactly 2/3 of the way (60/90).  That only took 19 years, so I maybe could hope to be done in 2028!  Not even going to try and do the math on the diffractors.

Finally, through ebay & COMC, picked up three of the four colours of the 2017 Topps Tier One Prime Performers autos.  Have yet to see the the gold auto version (1/1) or either of the 1/1 bat knob or barrel cards out there.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Digital Signature...No Thanks

If you copy and paste a digital card, can you add it to your collection?  I really don't get the allure of digital cards and the Topps Bunt program.  Maybe I'm too old!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

COMC Shipment

A few highlights from a recent COMC shipment:
1998 Topps Gold Label Red Label #/25
1999 Topps MVP Promotions (print run of 100)

2016 Topps Archives 5x7 Gold #/10

An Archives Signature Update

The top four were acquired from COMC over the course of a few months, the next two Chromes were from ebay via Taiwan which took 60+ days to arrive.  The bottom two were also from ebay.
The '89 RC was #1 on my list to pick up, the new #1 would be a signature of his with the Rockies.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2000 Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion

Very few older cards being added to the collection...2000 Ultra Platinum Medallion #/50...I think I just need the 1998 Platinum Medallion.